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Construction Surveys

Embarking on a new construction project is enormously exciting, certainly, but there are many steps and processes that you need to ensure are taken care of if you want the project to be successful. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that these incremental processes make all the difference in construction projects. A successful project isn’t the result of only hard labor. Rather, construction works best when extensive planning take place – and that’s where we can prove so useful. At Susquehanna Surveying and Mapping, we’ve been providing construction survey services for many years now – and we’ve only ever delivered accuracy and precision with our results. Alongside our other land survey and property survey services, this provision has shown dependability many times over. Below, you can begin to learn more about what construction surveys are, and why they’re so influential in the success (or failure) of construction projects. To book in a consultation or for additional information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service representatives.

What is a Construction Survey?

If you’re wondering what a construction survey is, exactly, you’re certainly far from alone – this is a query that we’re asked on a regular basis. Put simply, a construction survey is a survey that presents the required locations and marks for future construction activities. You’ll sometimes hear this process referred to as construction staking or construction layout. Essentially, measurements are taken to give reference points for where planned construction or structural improvements are due to be. They look at vertical and horizontal positioning, the dimensions of the construction, and the elevation of the future incumbent.

Topographic Surveys

It could be that, before any construction work is completed or a construction survey is even carried out, a topographic survey is required on the parcel of land that is going to be used for the future development. Topographic surveys are where a land surveyor locates and denotes where any natural and man-made features or constructions exist on a piece of land. The elevation of the land is key here, and is displayed on the map that is produced as a result of the survey. For an accurate construction process, a topographic survey is considered essential.

Project Coverage

It’s worth remembering that construction projects come in a wide array of forms and structures. There are a whole raft of projects that we’ve helped with in the past, including residential homes, commercial buildings, roadways, railways, bridges, and other infrastructural constructions – the list really does go on and on. Regardless of what you have in mind, we’re confident that we can meet your needs.

Service Record

One of the principal advantages of using our construction survey service – amongst our many others – is that we have a service record that clearly demonstrates that we can handle the most daunting project requests. A construction survey is an essential piece of the puzzle for any construction process, so it’s best left to an organization that won’t cause issues or make mistakes. Naturally, we bring that – and so much more – to the table.

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