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Boundary Surveys

Ever had a situation where a neighbor started to build something on their land, only for you to suspect that perhaps they’re straying into your territory? It’s something that happens on a regular basis throughout the United States – and internationally – and it causes a great deal of frustration and angst on both sides of the border. Many people don’t realize that, if only they’d acted pre-emptively, they could have avoided this significant annoyance. That’s where we provide such valuable assistance. At Susquehanna Surveying and Mapping, we’ve been supplying boundary survey expertise since our founding, and we’re certain that you won’t find another land surveying service in the region that comes close to our value or service proficiency. To gain some additional insights into this type of land survey, all you have to deal is read on below. However, if you have any lingering doubts or questions, you’d do well to reach out to our customer service representatives for clarity – they’re only a phone call away.

What are Boundary Surveys?

When you purchase land in the United States, you are entitled to a sect of land that is defined by a series of boundaries. For many people, these boundaries are assumed – usually because boundaries are implied by hedges, fences, roads, and other infrastructural features – but the truth is that many people might be getting shortchanged by their numbers unknowingly. A boundary survey is used to identify, determine, and mark the extent of land or a property under your ownership. If you’re looking for a total understanding of what you’re entitled to with your property, a boundary survey is your best bet.

Avoid Boundary Disputes

There’s nothing more annoying than when you have a neighbor disputing a boundary with you. It could be that you want to create a construction on your land and they’re saying it’s their land, or the reverse could be true. With a boundary survey completed, all ambiguity is taken out of the dispute. You’ll have concrete evidence that you’re entitled to proceed with your plans, or that they’re not entitled to proceed with their proposed project.

Freely Make Improvements

A significant benefit of having a boundary survey completed through our team is that you are able to press ahead with project work and fresh constructions without having to worry about a neighbor disputing your rights. You can simply refer to your boundary survey materials before any planning takes place, ensuring that you’re well-within your means. If a neighbor unexpectedly disputes your actions, you’ll have the documentation required to put an end to the situation swiftly.

Time-Tested Accuracy

The whole point of a boundary survey is to accurately record and mark where the beginning and end of your property is – so if there’s any question about the accuracy or precision of the survey, it’s pretty much worthless. This is why you need to use a team with a flawless track record – one that can demonstrate they offer service excellence at all times – and that team is Susquehanna Surveying and Mapping.

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