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Land Surveying Harrisburg PA


If you move throughout public and private spaces, you’ll notice that there are clear signs of boundaries, everywhere you look. Boundaries are useful. They tell us about legal entitlements, helping to settle disputes. They’re often denoted by physical barriers, like fences, hedges, gates, roads, and such – but that’s not always the case. Many people think they have a good understanding of their real estate entitlements, but that’s not always so – and in those cases, the best course of action is to enlist the help of land surveying companies. These land survey service providers don’t just help with marking out property boundaries – that’s only one aspect of the wider land and property survey skillset. These organizations bring order and clarity to construction projects, land disputes, and even financial matters – their utility is almost unlimited. To get the ideal service experience, you need to use survey companies that have plenty of experience – and that’s where we enter the picture.

About Us

At Susquehanna Surveying and Mapping, we’ve been showcasing our talents for land and building survey services for many years now – and as a result, we’re widely considered the leading option of the survey companies in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. Supplying commercial and residential surveyor services is a pleasure for our organization – as we want to deliver complete satisfaction to each and every single person that we serve. This is easily accomplishable for our organization, because we have the best of the best when it comes to land surveyors. The individuals we’ve assembled are industry veterans with plenty of experience, and they’re passionate about what they do. Accordingly, they’re more than happy to go the extra mile to ensure optimal outcomes for our customers. When you bring our affordable pricing structures into the fold, it quickly becomes clear why we’re considered the best of the best in this line of work.

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Our Services

Our goal has always been to provide a comprehensive array of surveying services for our customers in Harrisburg – and beyond – and we’ve managed to do exactly that throughout our service history. This approach has always been effective, and we’re yet to come across a customer who we’ve not been able to assist. In the past, we’ve helped our customers with ALTA surveys, mortgage surveys, flood elevation certificate surveys, as-built surveys, boundary surveys, and all sorts else. If you’re unsure whether or not our team has the tools or experience to meet your needs, all you have to do is get in touch with our customer service team for clarity.

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Alta Survey

ALTA stands for the American Land Title Association. An ALTA survey is a type of survey that adheres to the strict minimum standard that is laid out by that organization, and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). An ALTA survey is widely considered the most comprehensive and effective form of surveying – and would almost certainly be a fine choice for your situation.

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Mortgage Surveys

If you’re trying to secure a mortgage for a property purchase, a mortgage valuation is going to be at the top of your lender’s priority list. They need to know about the ins and outs of the property to ensure that you’re purchasing for a fair value – otherwise they could be left exposed if you default on the loan payments. A mortgage survey is far more in-depth than a valuation, and can even help you to secure a better price.

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Flood Elevation Certificate Survey

The flood elevation certificate survey is a must for any property that is situated in or near a high risk flood zone. If you’re going to secure flood insurance – or possibly even a mortgage for a new construction or property purchase – then an elevation certificate is the documentation that you need to get a hold of.

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As Built Surveys

The as-built survey service that we provide is what you need to make sure that you’re progressing with your construction projected according to plan. This type of real estate survey will mark any changes in construction compared with the proposed plans, allowing you to make changes to the design pre-emptively. This can help you to avoid towering costs and unexpected changes.

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Construction Surveys

Construction surveys play a considerable role in the progression of a successful construction project. They determine and mark where construction improvements and structures need to be built, according to existing plans. Reference points need to look at elevation, as well as vertical and horizontal positioning, amongst other things.

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Boundary Surveys

Building a new installation or structure on your site shouldn’t be a pain, but it can be when you have a boundary dispute rumbling away. A boundary survey – sometimes referred to as a property line survey – obliterates any chance of such disputes. It reliably lays out where your property rights begin and end.

“I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Susquehanna Surveying and Mapping. Very professional and attentive as a service, I found myself feeling much less stressed about flooding insurance after I went to them. If you need an elevation certificate, I would 100% recommend this company.” – Leo R.

“Susquehanna Surveying and Mapping is the service that I went to for a boundary survey – and now I don’t have to deal with an annoying neighbor! Problem resolved, no issues or complications, just great service.” – Ronald W.

“Really friendly, professional, and punctual with their service, my experience with Susquehanna Surveying and Mapping was excellent. For any future construction and as-built surveys I need, I’ll be using this company.” – Lisa-Anne C.

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For those looking for the leading property and land survey services, you’ve found us. Learn more about our service packages, our pricing structures, and the availability of our surveyors by speaking to our customer service representatives. They’re reachable through our main telephone number during regular working hours, though you can also use our online contact form as an alternative. Reach out to them today and ensure that you don’t miss out on the number one land surveying service in Harrisburg, PA.